Trains, Planes, Gardens, Museums, Seas
Germany > Denmark > France > Spain > New York > Los Angeles
My first trip to Europe was ignited by my longtime friend’s wedding in Germany. It carried on with a visit to my cousin Agustín and Angie, his fiance who both moved from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Copenhagen, Denmark. Their perspective on the local cultural systems, the incredibly beautiful gardens & architecture and their city lifestyle completely fascinate me. I traveled alone through France, giving me plenty of time to draw, paint, visit and learn more about Henri Matisse, visited local outdoor markets, float in the sea, and observe how people treat each other. I traveled along the Côte d’Azur by train from Nice to Marseilles to Barcelona. All three beautiful places, but Barcelona was by far my favorite. The food, the people, the architecture and the artwork are unforgettable. The way back to the USA began with a trip to New York where I stayed with some lovely people in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The businesses and vibe reminded me of living by Melrose Avenue. New York has some of my favorite people, and I was lucky enough to visit them and see a glimpse of their lives. Good to see we’re all still growing.
These adventures are explored deeper in my first zine, “Exploration," which is digitally presented on LoveArtVisuals.com.

  • Date 2015
  • Type Watercolor and Ink
  • 9 X 9'S And 4 X 6'S on Watercolor Paper

You Can Grow Woman, You Can Grow NAT! 2015 Watercolor and Ink on 8 inch x 8 inch Paper Started in Los Angeles at Omelveny Park; Finished by the Mediterranean Sea in Nice, France.

Nice, Marseilles and Barcelona NAT! 2015 Watercolor and Ink on 4 inch x 6 inch Paper Made on the Plane Between Barcelona and New York

Autorretrato 2 – Revealer of True Character NAT! 2015 Watercolor and Ink on 8 inch x 8 inch Paper Made While Visiting New York at the Williamsburg Apartment Backyard

Barcelona Black and White NAT! 2015 Ink on 4 inch x 6 inch Paper Made in Barcelona: El Raval and Richard Hamilton’s “Growth and Form”

Smiling Through the Release NAT! 2015 Watercolor and Ink on 9 inch x 9 inch Paper Started in Nice, France, Continued on the train to Marseilles, France, and finished in New York.

When Vanity Takes Over Sanity, we lose what could have been a great, change-making mind. The external world has then succeeded in removing internal growth, the most important part of human evolution. NAT! 2015 Watercolor and Ink on 4 inch x 6 inch Paper Inspired by La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.